Our Story

…Since behind every event is somebody special.

At Michaelis Events, LLC we believe that behind every event is somebody special. We recognize that our customers are unique individuals and deserve to be treated special. We also recognize that our employees are special.

Because of this unique philosophy, we are able to act on our core values every day. This methodology allows us to involve every person, both the customer, and our employees in the development of a signature event. By investing everyone who participates in the process and remembering our values, we are able to produce a superb, personal, and ever evolving event.

Working with Michaelis Events lends our customers piece of mind. Since the company‚Äôs inception in 2000, we have focused on strategies that take the cumbersome planning process and simplify it to eliminate stress, detail, and budget fears. Our customers get to enjoy the events they create, because they know they have an experienced and trusted team behind them! Best yet… they have one turn-key event manager!